Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my El Camino a Chevelle or not?
A: That depends on the year. The 1959 and 1960 El Caminos were, naturally, based on the full-size Chevrolet platform. The 1964 through 1977 El Camino is just one of many body styles offered by Chevrolet in the overall Chevelle/Malibu series. Often (and wrongly) relegated to a separate category, the El Camino (or sedan pickup as GM officially called the body style) was as much a Chevelle as any sport coupe, convertible, sedan, or station wagon. The Chevelle nameplate was dropped for the 1978 model year in favor of the Malibu nameplate but the El Camino (and its GM cousin the GMC Sprint) continued through the 1987 model year.