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Almost 1100 pages and over 2,200 photos on the live version!
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Q - What is the history of the Chevrolet Bowtie, and how was it created?

A - Two thoughts...In 1913, the now famous "bowtie' logo appeared for the first time on Chevrolets. Legend maintains ... and Billy Durant (Chevrolet founder) is supposed to have confirmed it ... that the bowtie shape was inspired by a pattern of wallpaper he saw in a Paris hotel room in 1908. He supposedly detached a small piece, folded it and placed it into his wallet, waiting for the day he'd put it to use. Durant's wife later refuted the story, saying the design was noticed in a newspaper Sunday supplement while they were on vacation in Virginia.

Whatever the real story, the bowtie proved to be a recognizable winner, and is still the marquee of today's Chevrolet.

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