1970 Chevelle Build Sheet

1970 Chevelle Build Sheets


Due to lack of sufficient quantities of build sheets from Arlington, Flint (which did not use conventional 'build sheets,' and Van Nuys only Atlanta, Baltimore, & Kansas City are currently included in this effort and only SS 396 and SS 454 optioned Chevelles. There is production information for Arlington, Flint, Van Nuys, and Oshawa but no specific build sheet information in those sections. If you have questions, please use the Contact link at the bottom of each page and send along your questions

Let me begin by saying that all U.S. 1970 assembly plants used different wording for many options and different codes for various boxes. Be sure to look at the correct plant for information. The information presented here ONLY applies to the 1970 model year, other years do differ. Be sure to pay attention to spacing, special characters (like *, =, #, etc.) and spelling in many cases. In particular the spelling of many RPO verbiage in box 107; they may differ greatly from plant to plant.

© 1970 Chevelle Build Sheet
© 1970 Chevelle Build Sheet
Sometime around the middle of February 1970, GM changed the format of their build sheets. Naturally the plants used current stock until they ran out before switching over so dates will vary between the plants. Note the top example has one large box number 2 where the lower example has this box split into 2 boxes (#2 and #3) so to make it easier, the explanations below will be split into "Early" and "Late" with "Early" being the top example and "Late" being the lower example. The remainder of the build sheet remains the same format.

Select a Section Number to decode items in that section.

All dates shown (such as 10-25) are schedule dates from box #10 of the build sheet. This is the date the car was scheduled to begin assembly. The completed assembly typically took five to eight working days depending on the plant and the particular load at the time.

A sample build sheet is shown for each plant to get you started. This may be an early or late sheet but since only the first line differs in format, the remainder will stay the same. The sequence number has been blacked-out in all instances to protect any owner of the sheet.

GM of Canada did not use the same paperwork on the assembly line as the U.S. so there are no "build sheets" as such found in a Canadian-built Chevelle. GM of Canada-built Chevelles are often found with what's commonly called a "Line Sequence Tag." This is further explained in the Oshawa, ON. section.

Data presented are applicable to SS 396 and SS 454 Chevelles only since documenting these cars is paramount to a buyer and seller. That's not to say that build sheets for non-SS Chevelles are any less important but there are just too many series, body styles, and options available to have information on all of them.

Some may fault this effort with the reasoning that it may be used by those producing fake build sheets in order to cheat and/or mislead a potential buyer with fake documentation. Others will applaud this effort so they can better defend themselves against those unscrupulous individuals mentioned in the first sentence.

The intention of this material is to satisfy the latter of the two, the individual potentially buying a car and basing its heritage and value on such documentation as a build sheet. Hopefully, with the help of the information presented, you will be better equipped to combat potential fraud and save yourself some money. I will say that not EVERYTHING I know about build sheets are presented here, some information is just too volatile to release publicly. If you still have any questions on a build sheet, contact me though the Contact link at the bottom of each page.

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© 1970 Chevelle Build Sheet

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© 1970 Chevelle Build Sheet
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