Why register your copy of The 1966/1967 Chevelle Reference CD?  First, the CD is NOT copy protected but is copyrighted. You can, and are encouraged to, make a backup copy to use and put your original in a safe place. The serial number of your CD is the volume label of the CD. If your purchase was made directly from ChevelleCD.Net, it will automatically be registered. If your purchase was through a third-party supplier of the CD, you should register via e-mail and include your full name, street address, city, state, zip, e-mail address, and naturally the serial number.

While it is not only illegal to make copies for your friends, it is unethical as well. You paid for your copy, why give away information you paid for? The CD is reasonably priced and any Chevelle enthusiast should be able to afford their own. Quantity discounts of 10 or more CDs is available to clubs.

Registering your copy will allow you to obtain free updates as they become available, generally twice a year. See for notice of updates.

To register your CD, E-mail me at and please put 1966/1967 CD REGISTRATION on the Subject line.