How to submit photos or articles

Photos (to include hand or computer assisted drawings) and technical articles, hereafter referred to as submissions, may be sent to Webs By Dale for consideration in future revisions of this CD.

Submissions will become the property of Webs By Dale (as noted in Terms and Conditions) and cannot be returned to you. It is assumed that you have rights to the information submitted for inclusion and that it is not copyrighted material from another source. Webs By Dale will assume no responsibility for accepting submissions in good faith that are later found to be copyrighted. If material is found to be copyrighted by another source, it will be removed from the CD in the next revision.

If photo(s) is/are submitted electronically, they should be a minimum of 640x480 in size for good reproduction. Hard copy photos should be at least 3x5 if possible and no larger than 8x10. Written articles, with or without photos or drawings, should be sent electronically, and preferably, in either Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or .htm/.html formatted text files. Sending such material in hard-copy printed format may or may not be included in the CD if retyping multiple pages and scanning computer printed photos is extensive.

Electronic correspondence should be initiated before sending any materials so they don't get classified as spam by my e-mail program. Submissions should also contain your name, address, city, state, zip and a valid e-mail address. Webs By Dale reserves the right to reject any and all submissions for inclusion as well as the right to edit photos and/or articles to include cropping or retouching photos where deemed necessary and revising text material for clarity or brevity without losing the scope and value of the article.

If submissions by regular mail or other physical carrier is required, see my Contact Me for a mailing/shipping address. Again, materials cannot be returned.

E-mail me at with any questions.