1967 Chevelle

Transmission Applications & Information


Transmission With Following Engine(s)
3-speed Saginaw (low performance) 230, 250, 283
3-speed Saginaw 327/275hp
3-speed H.D. Borg-Warner M13 230, 250, 283
3-speed H.D. Borg-Warner M13 327, 396
3-speed overdrive 230, 250, 283
4-speed Saginaw Wide Ratio M20 283
4-speed Muncie Wide Ratio M20 327, 396
4-speed Muncie Close Ratio M21 327, 396/350hp
4-speed Muncie Close Ratio M22 All 396 V8 but no indications any were ever sold in Chevelles in 1967
2-speed Powerglide All
3-speed TH400 396 only

Date Code Location/Examples:

Transmission Location
3-speed Saginaw Left side of main case, on boss, below and to rear of side cover.
3-speed H.D. Borg-Warner M13 Right side of main case in front of extension housing. Standard transmission for SS396; not available with other engines until approximately March of 1966.
4-speed Right side of main case in front of extension housing.
2-speed Powerglide Right side by transmission oil pan.
3-speed TH400 Identification plate, right side

3-speed (except H.D.) S 10 25
S - Prefix for Saginaw 3-speed overdrive
10 - Month of October
25 - Day of month

3-speed H.D./Muncie 4-speed  W 1025/P 1025
W or P - Prefix for Warner or Muncie
10 - Month of October
25 - Day of month

2-speed Powerglide C 10 25 D
C - Cleveland Powerglide
10 - Month of October
25 - Day of month
D - Day shift (N-night shift)

3-speed TH400 67 C 298
67 - Model year (Not transmission production year)
C - Model identification (C-396 Chevelle)
298 - 298th day of calendar year starting at January 1, 1966. Anything 365 or less is 1966 calendar year, anything 366 or larger is 1967 calendar year; day #298 is October 25, 1966.

Transmission Letter Prefix:
C ~ Cleveland - Powerglide
E ~ McKinnon - Powerglide
K ~ McKinnon - 3-speed
O ~ Saginaw - 3-speed w/overdrive
P ~ Muncie - 4-speed
R ~ Saginaw - 4-speed
S ~ Saginaw - 3-speed except overdrive
T ~ Toledo - Powerglide
W ~ Warner - 3-speed H.D.

File Photo
Standard Saginaw 3-speed transmission

File Photo  File Photo
1964 to 1968 Muncie 4-speed transmissions can be identified from later models by the way the transmission arms attach.  Early Muncie side covers had a stud and the shift arm attached with a nut on the stud while the 1969 and later model side covers had a hole and the shift arms attached with a bolt.

File Photo
The Saginaw 4-speed transmission was also used and shown for "M20 PROD V-8 ENG & R.P.O. L30". Easily identified by the reverse gear being on the main case instead of the tail housing.


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