1967 Chevelle

Technical Tips and General Information

Other Information presented here is generally information that doesn't quite fit into any of the major categories.  Service tech bulletins from Chevrolet are just one example. When possible, a synopsis of those bulletins will be explained.

Service Bulletin, April 6, 1967: Chevelles built at the Atlanta assembly plant after 2-27-67 will be equipped with a new type heater blower motor. This motor has iron permanent-magnets in place of the copper would field coils. Heater blower motors installed in Atlanta beginning with vehicle serial number 7A146049 can be identified by a wide steel band around the motor case. If a failure of this motor is encountered, replace it with #4914901. This is the regular service motor and is interchangeable with the permanent-magnet motor.

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  • NovaResource.org ~ Using a Ford starter relay to ease heat soak problems with your GM starter.


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