1967 Chevelle


The 1967 Chevelle could be had with one of a total of 8 engine possibilities depending on the series. Naturally the SS396 could only be had with the 396cid V8 but there were 3 to choose from, the base 325hp version, the optional L34 350hp version, and a late year introduction of the 375hp version. All of these engines were also available as options in both 13480 and 13680 series El Camino body styles as well.

Two L6 engines were offered, the standard 230cid 140hp and an optional (RPO L22) 250cid with 155hp available.

The base V8 for all series except the SS396 series was the 283cid 195hp V8. Optional were 2 327cid engines, a 275hp (RPO L30) and the 325hp (RPO L79).

File hoto - Standard 6 & L22File photo - Standard V8
File photo - L30File photo - L79
File photo - L35File photo - L34

File Photo
No, you're not seeing a reversed image. This SS396 is an Australian conversion to right-hand drive.

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