1967 Chevelle

Options and Accessories When Installed By Chevrolet


Description Option
Appearance Guard Group: Includes color-keyed (2) front and (2) rear floor mats, front bumper guards and custom deluxe seat belts.  
  Concours Custom Wagon only. ***
  300 Deluxe and Malibu Wagons; also includes door edge guards. ***
  Sedans, Coupes, and Convertibles; also includes door edge guards and rear bumper guards. ***
  2-door models ***
  4-door models ***
Auxiliary Lighting Group: Includes three or more of the following items: 1. courtesy lights, 2. under hood light, 3. ashtray light, 4. luggage compartment light, 5. glove compartment light  
  On Convertibles (includes items 2, 3, & 4) ***
  On Concours and Malibu Wagons (includes items 1, 2, & 3) ***
  On Malibu Sedans and all Coupes (includes items 1, 2, 3, & 4) ***
  On 300 Deluxe Wagons (includes items 1, 2, 3, & 5) ***
  On 300 & 300 Deluxe Sedans (includes items 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5) ***
Foundation Group: Includes push-button radio, electric clock and extra thick foam front seat cushion  
  300 & 300 Deluxe models only ***
Operating Convenience Group: Includes L.H. outside remote control rearview mirror and rear window defroster.  
  All models except Wagons. ***
Station Wagon Convenience Group: Includes luggage carrier, power rear window and rear window air deflector. ***
All items contained in the above groups may be ordered separately and are shown on the following options list.  
Engines: (See Power Team chart for complete engine specifications, model and transmission availability)  
155hp Turbo-Thrift 250 L6 L22
275hp Turbo-Fire 327 V8 L30
325hp Turbo-Fire 327 V8 L79
350hp Turbo-Jet 396 V8 (SS 396 only) L34
Transmissions: (See Power Team chart for availability)  
Special 3-Speed fully synchronized; floor mounted. (Standard on SS 396 models.) M13
4-Speed (close-ratio) M21
4-Speed (wide-ratio) M20
Overdrive M10
Powerglide M35
Turbo Hydramatic (SS 396 models only) M40
Axle, Positraction Rear G80
Axle Ratios: (See Power Team chart for availability)  
  Economy ***
  Performance ***
  Special (If axle ratio other than Standard, Economy or Performance is desired, refer to Power Team chart for availability - then list ratio on order form in box under "Special Ratio."  
Brakes, Power J50
Seat, Power: 4-way control; front seat only. Not available with floor-mounted transmissions, bucket seats or 300 models. A41
Steering, Power N40
Windows, Power: For Malibu, Concours and SS 396 models only. A31
Antenna, Rear: Replaces front radio antenna. Not available on Wagons or when AM/FM radio is ordered.  
  Manual U73
  Bumper, front V31
  Bumper, rear (Except Wagons) V32
  Door edge: 2-door models B93
                   4-door models (Except Custom Wagons) B93
Mirror: L.H. outside remote control. D33
Moldings, Side Window:  
  4-Door Sedans & Malibu Station Wagon. B90
  300 Deluxe Station Wagons; also includes molding on rear quarter window. B90
Paint, Exterior:  
  Solid Color ***
  Two-tone combinations (RPO D99 - GM of Canada) ***
Roof Cover, Vinyl: For hardtop models only.  
  (Solid exterior colors only)  
  Black C08
  Beige C08
Stripes, Special Body Side Accent: SS 396 models only.  
  Replaces the standard stripes D96
Tops, Convertible: Available with all exterior colors.  
  White C05
  Black C05
  Blue C05
  White C05/C06
  Black C05/C06
  Blue C05/C06
Wheel Covers: (Not available when disc brakes are ordered.)  
  Four Bright Metal P01
Wheel Covers, Mag-Style N96
Wheel Covers, Simulated Wire P02
Air Conditioning, Four-Season: Includes 61-amp Delcotron, heavy duty radiator and temperature controlled fan.  7.75-14 or F70-14 tires must be ordered on models 13639 or 13667 with 195hp engine or models 13211-13269-13469-13669 or 13617 when 275hp engine is ordered. C60
Belts, Seat: (in addition to or replacing standard seat belts)  
  * Center rear - for use with standard seat belts. A68
  Custom Deluxe Front and Rear. A39
  * Custom Deluxe Center Front - available only when custom deluxe seat belts or appearance guard group is ordered. AL5
  * Sedans and Wagons only.  
Belts, Front Shoulder: (Driver and passenger)  
  Standard type - for use with standard seat belts. AS1
  Custom Deluxe - available only when custom deluxe seat belts or appearance guard group ordered. A85
Clock, Electric: 300 and 300 Deluxe models only. U35
Console: Available only when bucket seats are ordered.  
  Includes electric clock & compartment.  Gearshift lever is mounted on console.  With standard 3-speed available only on SS 396. Not available when overdrive transmission is ordered. D55
Defroster, Rear Window: Sedans & Sport Coupes only C50
Glass, Soft-Ray Tinted:  
  Windshield only A02
  All windows A01
Headrests, Strato-Ease: Driver and passenger  
  With Strato Bucket front seats A81
  With standard front bench seat A82
Instrumentation, Special: Available on V8 Sport Coupes, Convertibles, and 13680 El Camino only. Includes ammeter, temperature and oil pressure gauges. Also includes tachometer. U14
  Ashtray U28
  Courtesy; all models except convertibles. U29
  Glove compartment, 300 and 300 Deluxe only. U27
  Luggage; all models except wagons. U25
  Underhood U26
Mats, Floor: Color-keyed; (2) front and (2) rear U37
Radios: Includes front antenna. Rear antenna must be ordered separately. (See Exterior Features).  
  Pushbutton control. U63
  Pushbutton control with rear speaker. U63/U80
  AM-FM pushbutton control; front antenna only. U69
  AM-FM pushbutton control with rear seat speaker; front antenna only. U69/U80
Speaker, Rear Seat: For use with foundation group. U80
Seat Cushion, Extra-Thick Foam Front: 300 and 300 Deluxe only. B55
Seats, Strato-Bucket: Sport Coupe and Convertible only. A51
Speed and Cruise Control: (Cruise-Master) V8 models only.  
  Available only when Powerglide transmission is ordered. K30
Speed Warning Indicator U15
Steering Wheel, Deluxe:  
  300 and 300 Deluxe models only. N30
Steering Wheel: Sports-styled, walnut-grained plastic ring. N34
Steering Wheel, Comfort-Tilt: Available only when Powerglide, Turbo Hydramatic or 4-speed transmission is ordered.. N33
Stereo Tape System: Includes four speakers. Not available when radio when rear speaker is ordered. U57
Trim, Interior: for availability see Color & Trim Chart  
  All-vinyl: Malibu Sport Coupe and Sport Sedan only. ***
  Deluxe Cloth; Malibu Sport Sedan only. ***
  All-vinyl (Fawn); 300 models only. ***
Air Deflector, Rear Window: Anodized aluminum. C51
Carrier, Luggage V55
Window, Power Rear A33
Battery, Heavy-Duty: 66 plate, 70-amp-hr. T60
Brakes, Front Disc: Not available when metallic brakes are ordered; includes special hub caps and trim rings. J52
Brake Linings, Sintered Metallic J65
Clutch, Heavy-Duty: Not available on SS 396 models or with 155-hp 6-cylinder engine or GM air injection reactor. M01
Exhaust, Dual: For 275-hp engine only. N10
Fan, Radiator: Temperature-controlled. Included when Four-Season air conditioning is ordered. V8 models only. K02
GM Air Injection Reactor: Approved by the state of California and exclusive to California registration. Available only when closed engine positive ventilation is ordered. K19
  42-amp Delcotron. Not available when air conditioning is ordered. K79
  61-amp Delcotron. Included when air conditioning is ordered. K76
Heater & Defroster Deletion: Not available when air conditioning is ordered. C48
Horn, Tri-Volume: Except 300 models. U03
Radiator, Heavy-Duty: Not available when air conditioning is ordered. V01
Shock Absorbers, Rear: Superlift G66
Suspension, Special Front & Rear  
  On Sedans & Coupes F40
  On Wagons F40
Tachometer: V8 models only (included when special instrumentation is ordered). U16
Ventilation, Closed Engine Positive: Included when 325-hp 327-V8 cu-in or 350-hp engine is ordered. K24


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